About Coach Bernard

I have over 40 years of experience in fitness and health education, for the last 30 years my primary clients have been youth between the ages 10 to 17, both as a Track and Basketball coach, with schools, youth centers and through private lessons. In the past 10 years working with fitness instruction and wellness coaching for corporate and individual adult clients.

Over the last 2 years I have enjoyed working with Seniors in Self Defense, and training clients how to run their first Marathon or Half Marathon. I truly have the passion to help all achieve a healthy balance in health, and fitness.

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2020 Graduate from Functional Nutrition Lab, with a Full Body Systems Certification as a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach.

My coaching knowledge from certification of all the above disciplines, as well as successfully competing in all presented for the last 40 years. I am a featured speaker and educator on nutrition, fitness and most recently functional nutrition throughout Las Vegas, NV. Now combining my concepts into LIFESOURCE Institute Corp, this Corp’s mission is spreading mind, body and spirit concepts throughout Sedona, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. Although I work with individual clients, my focus is on creating this teaching website of mind, body, spirit, and wellness programs, working with corporations, as well as individual clients.

My goal at LIFESOURCE Institute, is to educate, empower, and support everyone I work with! I will provide all the motivation, and information you need to create a wellness plan that works for your current lifestyle.

I am committed at LIFESOURCE Institute, to help people realize their own potential to achieve vibrant health! I take an integrative and functional approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition, spiritual and emotional balance, with natural ways of relieving stress, with customized programs to support your company, and or personal optimal health wellness needs.

Contact me at LIFESOURCE Institute today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION! During the 20 to 30 minute phone session, I will answer all your questions, and will discuss how LIFESOURCE Institute can best support your goals, and wellness needs.

Email: bernard@lifesourceinstitute.com

Full Body Systems Certification

Lifesource Institute

Functional Nutrition what is it?

LIFESOURCE Institute, uses functional nutrition as a key part of treating the root cause of our clients’ symptoms. We are all unique.

Is Functional Nutrition the Answer for both younger and older clients?

It does not matter how big or how small your health concern(s) a functional nutrition approach can prove a benefit for everyone regardless of age. 

Lifesource Institute
Lifesource Institute

The benefit of Nutrient Deficiency Testing

Nutrient deficiencies tend to be more inconsistent such as occasional muscle cramps, eye twitching, or chapped cracked lips. 

Why a Food Elimination Test?

Test like Elimination Test will always be the gold standard because your body knows best, test can be helpful if you are beyond that point in the game.  The ideal situation would be to combine the two in order to determine the most clues.

Lifesource Institute
Lifesource Institute

Who needs a Health Coach?

Health care practitioners out there who do not believe that food has a relationship to chronic disease. However, on the positive side, I will say that I am teaming with more physicians each day who in fact believe that food is medicine! 

Lifesource Institute

LIFESOURCE INSTITUTE TEAM, along with a team of Health Care Professional Partners, will be keeping you all informed on current health care updates, also with relevant informative video that we come in contact with reference COVID-19.

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