Patience Parker

Patience is a 3rd generation Clairvoyant, Spiritual Life Coach, and Evidential Medium.

Growing up in England with a mother and grandmother both gifted with the divine spirit, Patience, at a very early age, communicated with past family members and pets. She has the incredible ability to see and communicate with angels, departed loved ones, and spirit guides.

Through meditation and visualization, her other spiritual abilities became clearer and enhanced in including, medical intuitive, pet communicator, energy healer, palm reader, and experiences in astral projection.

Lifesource Institute

Her upcoming book on her many experiences with client readings will be released in 2021 along with her second book on visualization and healing based on mind over matter principals.

Her work is done in the light with God in a loving, nonjudgmental manner.

She believes that all paths lead to the light; this means that all religions or no religion. God doesn't care what name we call him, or any of the other name's religions have for him. What matters is how we live our lives and how we treat others. There is a pattern, all reputable Mediums and even the ones on TV all say the same thing. They all believe in God; they all talk about the infamous "Life Review" and how love is the most important thing we can give and receive to ourselves or others. They are all receiving this information from the same source. We all have free will; therefore, we can choose to believe in God or not.

Through continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self, Patience draws upon ancient knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person's divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and a synergy between divine energy.

Her work is activating, accelerating, grounded, and always calling upon the highest timeline making quantum shifts in a person's reality.



Patience is known as a “Survival Evidence Medium,” meaning that she provides evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages from the spiritual realms.

Lifesource Institute
Lifesource Institute


As a clairvoyant with Divine Spirit working through me, I can identify your guides and who they are, often they are soul family members that have been with you for many lifetimes.

Clairvoyant Life Coach

As a clairvoyant life coach Patience has healed  many clients, answered their questions, brought communications with their passed loved ones and guides, along with educating them  with visualization and meditation, to learn how to heal themselves though soul enlightenment , healing  body, mind and spirit .

Lifesource Institute
Lifesource Institute

Meditation, Visualization & Energy Healing

Energy Healing along with Visualization is amazing when used to link Body, Mind, and Spirit. Everyone has the potential to improve their lives yet may not have access to the tools and interventions they need in order to do so. This individual session teaches you how to tap into your Soul Energy to awaken the energy healer within all of us.